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fandom creativity

June 2014

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atia of the julii

kangeiko in balkanfloods

Offering Words

If you would like to offer fanfic, original fic, betaing services or other word-related offerings please use the template below to comment.

The auction will close 15 June 9pm GMT, and all offerings should be delivered by the end of August 2014.

- Bids must be raised by at least a dollar
- Please do not delete a comment containing a bid; if you have an issue leave a message on the contact post.

How to offer
- Please add in the fandom and format of your offering in the subject of the comment
- Please copy & paste the below as the format for the offer and fill in the non-optional fields.

User Name:
Email address:
You can see things I've created at:
I am offering:
Fandoms (if appropriate):
Additional Info (optional):
Starting Bid:


User Name: selenak

Email address: selenak at gmail.com

You can see things I've created at: http://selenak.dreamwidth.org/440879.html

I am offering: Fanfiction

Fandoms (if appropriate): Any listed in the above creation link, but especially: Babylon 5, DS9, Angel, Buffy, Alias, Doctor Who.

Additional Info (optional): I'm more of a gen writer. Can do both slash and het pairings, but if you want detailed sex of either variety, I'm the wrong person (not because I have anything against it but because I can't write it and would go for the prelude and aftermath instead). Also, I tend to like most characters in the fandoms I've listed and don't have shipping convictions in many, but I do have a few squicks and a very few NOTPs, so reserve the right to vary a request if, say, the fic of your dream should be any pairing involving Bill Adama (from BSG). (Would write Adama gen, though.)
Congratulations yetanothermask, you have won this auction! Please refer to this post on what you need to do next.
Hey, I made my donation, but would it be okay if I forwarded my e-mail to you? I'm having some issues uploading it to livejournal.
Of course! You can send it to me at kangeiko at gmail dot com.

fanfiction - Avengers, Tolkien, Supernatural

User Name: peachpai
Email address: lunaflier at gmail
You can see things I've created at: hey_dr_yang
I am offering: fanfiction; five 100-300 word drabbles
Fandoms (if appropriate): Avengers/MCU, The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings, Supernatural
Additional Info (optional): No incest pairings please. Otherwise I'm pretty open on pairings as long as I'm familiar with the characters. I prefer gen to shippy stuff for Tolkien fandom.
Starting Bid: $1 each
User Name: tepidspongebath
Email address: tepidspongebath at gmail
You can see things I've created at: I'm tepidspongebath on AO3, and tepid sponge bath on Fanfiction-dot-net. Links can be found on my LJ profile and my Tumblr (I'm jamesphillimoresumbrella over there).
I am offering: Fanfiction, 1,500 words or more depending on the prompt
Fandoms (if appropriate): BBC Sherlock
Additional Info (optional): Excepting non-con and incest, I'm willing to write anything within the fandom - any pairing, anything from gen fic to explicit smut, and I love an excuse to explore AUs. If you want to make things easy for me, my usual thing is Johnlock with humorous undertones and references to the ACD canon.
Starting Bid: $5

FIC (various fandoms, including RPF)

I should also offer myself on this, it occurs!

User Name: kangeiko
Email address: kangeiko [at] gmail [dot] com
You can see things I've created at: http://archiveofourown.org/users/kangeiko/works - RPF and anything explicit is locked to members only, so you'll need to be logged in to view those.
I am offering: fanfic
Fandoms: most things listed above in my AO3 works. Other fandoms I'd be willing to write in include Formula 1 RPF (early 1990s), theatre-related fic (plays, productions, etc), British comedian RPF, historical RPF, etc. If you're not sure, please ask & I'll do my very best!
Additional Info: I'm not terribly good with smut. I could manage a moderate R, I think, and I'm not fussy about pairings.
Starting Bid: $5

Re: FIC (various fandoms, including RPF)

I'll bid $50 - I want to help and this is a fantastic thing you are doing.
Is it okay to suggest a prompt later if mine is the winning bid?

Re: FIC (various fandoms, including RPF)

Of course, and thank you!

Re: FIC (various fandoms, including RPF)

Congratulations bourbonneat, you have won this auction! Please refer to this post on what you need to do next.

Re: FIC (various fandoms, including RPF)

Cool beans! Can I email you a screen shot of the confirmation (or just forward you the confirmation)? I tried to use the LJ email but it's no good for attachments or images as near as I can tell.

Re: FIC (various fandoms, including RPF)

either is good, thank you! and please let me know what you were thinking of for your fic. :)

Re: FIC (various fandoms, including RPF)

Sent you an LJ message with my fic request (okay, it's more of a suggestion) and a request for an email address to forward my proof to. :)

Re: FIC (various fandoms, including RPF)

Have just sent you my details. :)
User Name: raedbard
Email address: raedbard at gmail dot com
You can see things I've created at: my AO3 dash
I am offering: Fanfiction of at least 1,500 words
Fandoms (if appropriate): The West Wing and West Wing RPF, Stephen King's Dark Tower series, other Stephen King books (not limited to Salem's Lot, The Shining/Doctor Sleep, IT, Pet Sematery, The Long Walk, particularly the books which touch on the Dark Tower series), Top Gear RPF, Frasier, The Cabin in the Woods, Merrily We Roll Along, will try Game of Thrones (TV canon), though it would be my first time! Crossovers with the above.
Additional Info (optional): I'm more of a slasher than a hetter, but would probably be better at gen for any of the above fandoms (though I'm happy to try ship/pairing fic), except West Wing, where I'm happy to do anything.
Starting Bid: $5
Do you write Top Gear USA?
Sorry, only the UK version!
Would you possibly write private fanfiction? (james h/c)
Happy to write James anything. :) Not sure what you mean by private fanfiction, though?
Not posted publically, just emailed to me so only I can read it?
Ah, I see. Yeah, that would be fine. :)
Awesome! I'll bid $10 for James h/c :D
Congratulations green_wing, you have won this auction! Please refer to this post on what you need to do next.